Reasons For Taking A Rest From Your Phone

We all know that we are spending too much time on our electric equipment. It’s may be time to consciously leave your cell phone. We are already aware of how much phones can harm our physical health, but what about mental health?

Our bad habits of electronic equipment use may interfere with our life, communication, sleep and/or intimacy. It’s time to put our phones aside and spend more time in real life. If you’re still confusing why, keep reading.

rest from your mobile

Delaying Sleep

Let me guess, you will go to bed, “because you’re tired,” and then turn to your phone and scroll aimlessly for too long. Most of us do this because we cannot fall asleep immediately, but using your phone in bed will just postpone the time you sleep. Do you know that cell phones’ bright light can make your brain believes it is still in the day? Change your habits, and decide you won’t bring your cell phone in bed any more.

rest from your mobile


The most amazing thing phones bring us may be how they can connect us to our relatives on the other end of the world, at any time of the day. However, it seems we forgot how important the communication with friends right around us is. Being busy checking social media, or reading/sending a message, we spend just too little time with people in front of us. It is true that sometimes you need to check the news, but when you’re in a restaurant or meeting with a friend or family member, keep the phone in your bag or pocket,and talk more.

rest from your mobile


You can download an application which can track and break down the amount of time you spend on the phone. You can hardly realize you just lost one hour, clicking “like” and scrolling and nothing else. This application is likely to provide you some shocking statistics, and encourage you to put aside your phone.Now set a list of what you have to get done ,and stop turning to your phone before all of these are finished.