These Are the 25 Greatest Rock Stars of All Time


We all have our favorite songs and favorite bands, but most of these would just not be the same without the singers. A great vocalist can not only make the music recognizable, but add a layer of emotion to the track.

Whether you like the music of the singers and bands listed below or not, you can’t deny that there’s something special about the way these people sing. From classic raspy rock to more pop inclinations, these are some of the best rock vocalists of all time.

Gwen Stefani – No Doubt
For those that only know Gwen Stefani’s more recent work, you might think of her as something of a mainstream pop singer. But back in the ’90s she was best known as the dynamic frontwoman of No Doubt.

With their roots in ska and punk, No Doubt had smash hits with “Just a Girl” and Don’t Speak”. Much of their success was undoubtably due to Stefani’s on-stage presence and her unique vocal style, which can transition between light and poppy to a more powerful and edgy.