The New Moon Ceremony How To Create

Moon Ceremony How To Create

As the new moon approached, it represents a new cycle of the moon, a symbol of the beginning. The new moon marks a new beginning, a powerful time for reflection, and a chance to let go of the old. This is an opportunity to release, surrender and accept the opportunities that already exist, while opening your heart to future events.

The crescent is a very special way to reflect and think about what you want for the next month. Focus on self care, try to social media detoxification, and inward. Ask yourself, what do you want to accept, achieve, learn, or create? Welcome the opportunity to, love, positive energy, and to reject any things don’t service for you.

So here are some important tips, a real connection to the moon’s energy, and yourself, so that in the next month you can really take advantage of this, and your strength.

Moon Ceremony How To Create

Set Your Intentions

First of all set for the next few weeks some positive intentions, and to write them in a safe place, or make your own monthly.


In your journal, write affirmations to remind yourself of your power and how far away you really are. This is an opportunity to acknowledge your values and accomplishments.

Some examples are:

“I am loved”, “I have a lot of value,” “I am very strong” “I am beautiful” “I am strong.

Cleanse your space and aura

Using sage is a positive way to clean and detoxify your space, as well as an aura of old energy and negativity that you’ve been holding on to. Sage is a powerful herb that kills bacteria and bacteria, so it will make way for new, clean energy.


Meditation is to relax the mind, body connection and higher self magical tool. Use this time really focus on deep breathing and breath, and through the breath, let it reach every cell, get rid of things you keep body, refresh and restart. Let your body rejuvenation through breath. Take three deep breaths, then hold each breath three times, then slowly exhale five times, and continue breathing for a few more minutes. Close your eyes. Pay attention to your body. How do you feel? Is your heart quiet? What the journal has to offer.