Relax After Work, Go On Holiday!

Everyone knows that vacation is good for your stress level. This is a very intuitive fact, taking time out of your work to do something, anything else is the key to staying clear, spending weeks managing others, repairing office printers, making TPS reports, or doing Anything you need after your daily work.
Whether your ideal vacation is to go to an amusement park, go sightseeing in France, lie on the beach or just “home vacation” at home, the holiday is clearly an important part of maintaining a balance between work and family life.Relax After Work, Go On Holiday!

Of course, holidays have a big drawback: they can upset your career. You can’t take time off and let the work pile up. Moreover, the person in the office next door will not take all his vacations, and you can’t let him perform better than you. Right?

Wrong. It turns out that giving up your vacation and working hard will not only damage your mental health and personal life, but also damage your career.

That’s right, a recent study showed that people who are on vacation are 84% less likely to get a raise or bonus than a vacationer. It’s not that people who don’t use time are so passionate about their work – 92% of people think that vacation is important to them even if they don’t run out of vacation.

What’s left? In this world of work, although almost everyone wants to use their vacation, a large number of people choose not to do so, even if they end up not getting a raise or bonus for their sacrifice. It doesn’t make much sense, right?

However, maybe it is. After all, a person who is not shy about using holidays may not be ashamed to ask for a raise. They may also be the kind of people who speak freely at the meeting, or those who can give managers a chance to get promoted. In short, if you are not on vacation to please your manager and want to be promoted, then you are very wrong.

Relax After Work, Go On Holiday!

In addition, many studies have shown that when employees have a healthy work and life balance, work performance will increase. Taking a break can make your body and mind look new, and actually guarantees that you can get a higher quality job when you return. The next time you think about whether you want to take advantage of your vacation, do yourself and your business a favor, just do it.