People Are Sharing The Worst Back To School Lunches They Can Think Of

Just in time for back to school, we have the #BadSchoolLunches tag trending on Twitter where people share what they think are the worst lunches imaginable for a kid to bring to school. Some are made up and some you might remember from your own childhood, but they’re all going to be a no from us.

This is the kind of food inspiration that you’re not going to see on the Food Network. These creations crawled out of a dark pit and went straight into the brown paper bag. Bring your salt and ketchup because only drowning these in condiments can save us now.

Would You Like Some Sandwich With Your Loaf Of Bread
What @Joyannah73 calls “The Gluten Special” is just pretty much exactly what you’d expect from a sandwich with a name like that. This absolute unit of a meal heard about this no-gluten diet and fad and turned its back on the world. This carb doesn’t quit on its values.

That’s just a straight-up loaf of bread and we’re confused. That’s like 2 weeks worth of bread gone in one lunch break. Actually, we can’t judge, they’ve probably been to France recently and thought the baguette and cheese meal would work over here.