Life Must Be Read Several Books

Reading a book is like opening a window on life.-Gorky
Hundreds of books are published every week, and no one has time to screen them… except us. Every Sunday, we will discuss here some of the best ever book and recommend to you, as your life have to read the book – trust us, you will not be disappointed. Starting today, we will take you to read three books this week, we know you’ll like it. Go ahead!

Life Must Be Read Several Books

The Lovely Bones 

Ranking List:Number one bestseller, this book will take you on the emotional roller coaster.
Suits The Crowd:This is a book is suitable for all ages. Favorite of teenagers of any age during and after their study.

About The Book:This is a make you feel every word written in the novel, the first line of the book immediately caught you, “my name is Salmon, like a fish; first name, Susie. On December 6, 1973, when I was 14, I was murdered. Since then, the book has become a must-read for most people. SUSIE said it herself. She was talking in heaven. In the whole book, she is down to earth to see her family, friends and investigating happens in her.

Life Must Be Read Several Books

Eat Pray Love 

This is an iconic book that everyone must read. Not only is it a wonderful novel, but with the help of actress Julia Roberts, it has been made into a great movie.

This is a book about a position, many people have had such an experience, it warms many people’s hearts and ignites their stomachs.

The story tells the story of Elizabeth gilbert, when she realized that she had everything she wanted, but she was still unhappy, she embarked on the journey of self-discovery.

Life Must Be Read Several Books

To Kill A Mockingbird 

To Kill a Mockingbird is a classic novel across different age, originally published in 1960, is still popular. It’s about injustice and honor in the deep south and how one can face outright hatred. Through the eyes of a little girl and a gripping book of souls, her father risks everything to defend a man wrongly accused of terrible crimes.

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