How to Choose Your Carry-on For International Flights

If you’ve experienced domestical flights but never flown internationally, you may not aware of the differences between. The extra hours during international flights can really mean a lot of challenges to travelers who usually take shorter domestic flights,which also include short stays at connecting airports.
Here’s our suggestions for you when you decide what to bring during your next international flight, as well as a notice for what you’d better leave at home.

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Essential Items

During a long flight, you’re going to want some entertainment to kill time. Most people may choose a book or at the very least, their smartphones. If you also decide to bring some sort of technology, don’t make the mistake leaving your USB cord in your check-in luggage. Or you will feel very regreted when your battery dies after few hours.

Most airlines have USB connections at every seat if you need to power your devices, so remember to bring your USB cord to make full use of them. It will also help bringing a pair of noise-canceling headphones that are comfy enough for long-hour use, to get rid of the noisy neighbors on the plane.

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Stay Comfortable

Aside from keeping yourself entertained, the most essential thing you’d better not forget is that you’ll need to be comfortable for a very long flight. Take it into consider if you have problems with neck stiffness when sleeping in an upright position. In that case, bringing a travel pillow can decrease your exhaustion.

In addition, many airplanes may keep the interior climate pretty cold. Which would be an even more serious problem if you’re next to a window or an exit, so bring a blanket or wear relatively warm clothes to avoid shivering during the whole flight.

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Sleep Nice and Sound

If your schedule means that you’ll have to sleep a little on the plane, remember that it won’t be as dark as you’re usaully used to when you try to flake out. In this case, an eyemask can be your Man Friday if sleeping with lights on around will annoy you.

Leave These Items Out

When you take an international flight, you’re not just going through airport security, but also through customs. Many nations, won’t allow passengers take items such as fruit, nuts, and seeds entering the country. You should also avoid arriving at the airport with any kinds of liquids , which are obtainale after you get through security.