Four Sentences That Affect Your Life

Four Sentences That Affect Your Life

Here’s a secret: you attract everything that happens in your life. What you see, hear, meet, it all happens in your mind. Be clear of this, you are responsible for everything you think, and are responsible for everything you encounter. It means that no matter what makes you painful, you can clean it up, clear it, and through forgiveness, you will eventually let it pass.

There are four simple steps in this approach: Repentance, Gratitude,Forgiveness and Love. These forces have incredible power. Try to say what’s in your head and really think about what you are saying. You will find that forgiving yourself, truly loving yourself, accepting your feelings and wishes is so powerful as you are at this moment, forgetting everything.

Repentance– I’M SORRY

When you apologize to your own, you are acknowledging that you hurt yourself, but you really sorry. Choose something that you already know is your own. May be food, alcohol or other substances. Maybe it is an anger or a health problem. No matter what, choose one thing and start saying that you are sorry. It’s that simple, simply saying: I am sorry.

Gratitude – THANK YOU
Anyway, thank you for what your body has done for you. Thank you for being the best. Thank you for your friends, or the entire universe. Thank you for everything you have.

Ask Forgiveness – PLEASE FORGIVE ME
Don’t worry about who to say, just a simple sentence: Please forgive me. Say it over and over again, when you say it, be sincere. It can be forgive yourself or for others in your life.

The last sentence is very powerful: say I love you. Speak to your body, speak to the fresh air you breathe every day. Say it again and again. Take it seriously and truly feel it with every minute you have. It’s so powerful. Love is the grand cure of all sores. The moment you love yourself with no strings attached and no expectations, the moment you let go and find true self-acceptance.

Four Sentences That Affect Your Life

Simple but effective, try to use this tool every day, will be positive energy back into your life, and enjoy your journey. This will help you get farther and better.