Five Must-try Foods When Traveling In NYC

New York City is also famed for being one of the food capitals of the world. Every day, we can hear about some fabulous new trends offering a weird yet fantastic food experience. For you guys heading to the big apple, we’ve got some of the mouth-watering foods that you will just want to have a try.

Sushi Burgers

Let me guess, you thought the classic burger couldn’t get any better, right?But here Redeye Grill has reinvented the burger with a new, oriental way. This dish is a little bit different, instead of the usual bread bun, this burger is topped with a tamanashiki rice bun. The patty is made from spicy yellowfin tuna and the garnish includes watermelon radish, ginger and avocado. Served on a sushi plate,you can taste both west and east flavor in one bite!

Five Must-try Foods When Traveling In NYC