Deserted Resorts Around the World

Hotels of Kupari
Along the Adriatic Coast, in Kupari, Croatia, lies the skeletonized remains of the once-mighty Yugoslavia, standing on the silky blue water in unfathomable solitude. Once a prosperous holiday resort, it was frequented by people from all over the federation – from Bosnia to Serbia, from Croatia to Macedonia, it was once a getaway hotspot for the Yugoslav elites – not intentionally, but since it was so popular, one needs connection in order to reserve a spot. Even Yugoslav strongman Josip Tito paid frequent visits to the area.

However, all went down in the 90s, when Yugoslavia collapsed with its former republics, now independent, fell into years of conflicts. Kupari was yet another victim of the desolate situation, during which the hotels suffered a cruel destiny – what was once a place of joy and tranquility is now nothing but a skeletonized remain of its former glory. Nowadays, the buildings remain as a shadow of its past.