Deserted Resorts Around the World

The Chacaltaya Ski Resort
The Chacaltaya Ski Resort serves as a storyteller for the climate change that took place over the last 60 years, telling a tale of how it turned a once prosperous ski resort into a barren structure. The Chacaltaya Ski Resort is located in the heart of the Andean mountains, and at an altitude of 5,375m (17634 ft) above sea level, it was once the highest ski resort in the world. Tourists used to come from all over the world during its golden years.

However, what was once a winter paradise is nothing but a deserted structure, left with nothing but dry rocks and abandoned cafes. Snow has since disappeared from the glacier, as the ice melted away faster than everyone has expected. Local Felipe Kittelson talked of its glorious past, “I used to come up here as a child and play in the snow for hours, until my eyes and ears ached from the cold and altitude.” These days, with no snow nor tourists remaining, it serves as a cautionary tale of how the climate change had been, and could be, affecting everyone.