Deserted Resorts Around the World

Hotel Angst
Hotel Angst bears an ironic name from its creator, Adolf Angst, a Swiss entrepreneur. It’s a hotel located in Bordighera, Italy, and upon its completion in the early 20th century, it was once the most luxurious hotel Europe has to offer – featuring neo-Renaissance and neo-baroque design attributes, it was a striking monument of European aristocracy.

However, the glory was short-lived, as the turbulent 20th century would doom its fate from the very start – as Europe plunged itself into multiple conflicts during the early half of the century, it soon became nothing but ruins and rubble when all the valuable items were stripped away from its interior. Despite multiple reconstruction attempts to restore it to its former glory, all proved to be futile. Today, it stands as a striking memoir of a bygone era, a remnant of a forgotten time.