April Travel Guide – Summer Adventures

April Travel Guide - Summer Adventures

Israel’s numerous islands, beautiful beaches, exciting adventures and outdoor activities make Israel an ideal holiday destination. Israel’s rich cultural heritage, the unique weather environment and the delicious and delicious Middle Eastern cuisine make most people choose to travel here. There are so many things to see and things to do, it is impossible to be bored.

These popular tourist hotspots will give you an unforgettable vacation that will keep you away from the bustling crowd.

Dan River

April Travel Guide - Summer Adventures

Dan River is a great place for nature lovers and a great place to escape from the heat of summer. Enjoy a wealth of outdoor activities, this is a great family or a group of friends. Rent a pipe, drift along the cool river, or even try kayaking or whitewater rafting. No matter which one you choose, the trip down the river is a wonderful summer afternoon.

The real highlight of the area is the famous Dag al HaDan restaurant, situated between the trees by the river, offering fresh fish and delicious Israeli salad. Located near the ruins of the Biblical city of Dan, the nearby Teltan National Park is a great place to experience nature and archaeology. Visitors can see ancient life through ruins and handicrafts.

Hike To New Heights

There are a variety of trails criss-crossing countries, and a water hike is a perfect way to beat the heat away from the city and the crowd. Here are some fantastic routes to explore the spectacular deserts of Israel, the enchanting forests and the magical riverbed. So put on your walking boots and splashes.

Nahal Yehudiah  

April Travel Guide - Summer Adventures

As a place where ordinary tourists can go, there are only two places, Mt.Bental and Golan Heights View. Up to the top of the mountain, I arrived at the seat of the United Nations observation post. There were trenches left behind by the war, Israeli soldiers armed with guns, and observers of friendly peacekeeping forces. Quneitra in the valley is uninhabited and becomes a waste city. Hiking is possible along the valley, where there are two cliffs to climb, and you can swim in the cool pool through the steps and ladders drilled on one side of the rock.

(Make sure your items are wrapped in a waterproof bag and remember your water shoes. 4-5 hours walk time)


April Travel Guide - Summer Adventures

In the past few years, the Negev bicycle lanes have developed at an unprecedented rate, allowing different levels of riders to easily and safely enjoy the terrain, spectacular landscapes and amazing scenery of the desert. Peace and tranquility. Along all routes, visitors can find equipment and a variety of accommodation in the bicycle centre, where they can book tours and guides.

Ramon Crater

April Travel Guide - Summer Adventures

It is one of the four major depressions in the world and is Israel’s largest national park. It is known as the Grand Canyon of Israel and attracts countless outdoor enthusiasts to explore. The entire pit is a huge long bowl-shaped groove that is over 40 kilometers long. More than 100 meters from the visitor center, you will come to the observation deck, where you can admire the magical landscape of the moon surface in front of the moon. In the huge pit, it is a pitted surface. The gully composed of rocks is like a brush. The land is rich in color and texture, very spectacular, and it is a masterpiece of nature.