A Sneak Peek Into The Life of Tucker Carlson

    If someone asked you to name a male, conservative, political commentator, one of the names that would probably come to mind would be, 48-year-old, Tucker Carlson. He’s an extremely polarizing character, you either love him or hate him. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, you’ve got to admit, he’s a pretty charismatic personality- his ratings sure confirm it. From CNN to Fox News, Tucker Carlson has a resume most journalists could only dream of. Not to say that he didn’t experience hardships along his journey. Curious to learn more about this controversial newsman? Read on.


    Real Estate Agents Reveal Their Most Unbelievable House Listings

    Along with masterpiece listings come some bizarre ones, as people have made some questionable interior design decisions. Luckily, it’s all been documented, and we’ve put together some of the wackiest real estate listings we’ve come across. Purple Rain We’re not sure what vibe these homeowners were going for, but one thing is for sure – they love purple and mirrors. There’s an ombre purple sink, and we’re not going to lie, we kind of love it. The mirrors, on the other hand are a bit overwhelming…


    The Top 20 Baby Names Of The Decade

      Naming your first born child is one of the toughest decisions many people will ever have to make. There are so many factors to think about — what sounds nice, what will age well, which ones could potentially lead to embarrassing nicknames or teasing. Most parents put hours of thought into picking a moniker for their little offspring Of course, it’s impossible to predict what names will still be considered attractive decades from now. The lists of the top twenty girls’ and boys’ names of the 2010s are out, and some of them are not what people expected. Let’s start with the girls… 20. Grace: Any girl called Grace…


    Dogs Meet Their Owner’s Baby For The First Time And It’s Absolutely Adorable

      Bringing a new baby home to meet your dog for the first time can be a stressful situation. You want the dog to be exposed to the child and vice-versa, so the two can cohabit the home peacefully. The chances that the dog will respond positively to the little one are pretty good, but their reactions can be priceless. So, without further ado, these are some of the best pictures taken of dogs meeting the new baby for the first time. One Mastiff coming up looks totally infatuated with this little girl. Does It Do Anything? This dog looks completely confused with what he has been presented with. The…


    Baby Cow Escapes Terrible Fate Into The Arms Of Unlikely Caretakers

    A baby cow named Bonnie made quite a name for herself when she took her life into her own hands and pursued freedom. It’s no surprise that farm animals would do such a thing, having to endure inhumane living conditions and treatment, but Bonnie’s story stands out from the rest. Her bravery set off a series of events that no one could have anticipated.